A Global Solution Born in Georgia

Proudly manufactured in Georgia and shipped throughout the world since 2010.
Infinity Panel Solutions LLC has had the opportunity to work for clients all over the U.S and Canada. Our customers are highly satisfied with Infinity's products not only because we take special care to mark all of our panels with the UL marking to ensure the highest quality and certifications needed but because we spend countless hours making sure our customers are the number one priority.

Our Panel shop allows for maximum flexibility in panel designs. Having UL safety marks are the most credible, sought-after certification marks in North America and Canada. The UL mark is more than a certification, its a peace of mind.

A Global Solution

DDC Panel Shop stands as a beacon of global panel solutions, offering unparalleled expertise in designing and manufacturing control panels tailored to diverse industrial needs worldwide. With a steadfast commitment to quality and innovation, DDC Panel Shop delivers cutting-edge solutions that optimize efficiency, reliability, and safety across various sectors. From intricate circuitry to sophisticated automation systems, their comprehensive approach ensures seamless integration and optimal performance, solidifying their reputation as a premier provider of panel solutions on a global scale.

A Global Solution Born In Georgia